Kitchen Hood Repairs

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Nitti’s Exhaust Hood Cleaning LLC is a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation company specializing in Repairs & Installations servicing commercial kitchens throughout New Jersey.

We are Certified and follow NFPA Code 96 guidelines.

We stock all size fan motors and exhaust fans to get you up and running as fast as possible.

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When to Schedule Hood Services

Smokey Kitchen:

The vent hood can not clear smoke from your kitchen, it could be preventing proper ventilation, including a broken fan blade or a foreign object is lodged in the blower motor.

Noisy motor:
An exhaust fan motor makes loud noises while operating, problems might be found in the blower wheel housing.

The motor bearings or other components may also be worn out and need to be replaced.

Malfunctioning light is on:
A defective control board or electrical issue may cause your vent hood to stop working.

At Nitti’s Exhaust Hood Cleaning, we deliver honesty, integrity and professionalism to customers in New Jersey.
Our goal is to make sure your kitchen is safe and efficient and to keep your facilities protected from grease fires.

If you are a restaurant owner or you own a commercial kitchen in New Jersey,
Call Nitti’s Exhaust Hood Cleaning at 1-800-722-1655 for all your vent hood service and repair needs.

Serving All of New Jersey.

We stock the most common fan motors to get you up and running quick!

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